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mogul / могул, важная персона
имя существительное
важная персона
somebody, grandee, personage, mogul, panjandrum, swell
имя существительное
an important or powerful person, especially in the motion picture or media industry.
Perhaps it seemed routine for one of the world's most powerful media moguls to take a leadership post at one of the most influential think tanks in Washington.
a steam locomotive with three pairs of driving wheels and one pair of smaller wheels in the front.
This stripped Mogul in the erecting shop is former SP No. 1771, a favorite of mine since childhood.
a bump on a ski slope formed by the repeated turns of skiers over the same path.
a mogul field
имя существительное
a member of the Muslim dynasty of Mongol origin founded by the successors of Tamerlane, which ruled much of India from the 16th to the 19th century.
Mogul architecture
The 9.9% stake held by the media mogul could be a stumbling block to any offer for the club as the shares were acquired at the top of the market.
It starts with a steepish mogul field which, once conquered, boosts the confidence.
The choices initially appear strange - a legendary player alongside a media mogul - but both men revolutionised the sport.
Thus the free flow of information falls victim to the commercial priorities of a media mogul .
This will teach your body to react to variable surfaces such as a mogul field on a ski run.
Powder hounds won't be disappointed either as there are excellent off-piste skiing and mogul runs, but it's wise to ask for a guide if you take the uncharted option.
Whenever I made that correction I felt like I was lightly skimming over the mogul field.
Since then his life couldn't have been any more bumpy or gruelling had he set off down a mogul run on a tea tray.
Remember that Olympic mogul skiers have the chance to ski year round and have been doing so for years!
But because skiers have always dominated the bumps, we've also included what we think is the coolest mogul ski on the hill.