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modish / модный, гоняющийся за модой
имя прилагательное
fashionable, trendy, stylish, fancy, hip, modish
гоняющийся за модой
имя прилагательное
conforming to or following what is currently popular and fashionable.
it seems sad that such a scholar should feel compelled to use this modish jargon
Car dealers, meanwhile, will expect that the updated format will inspire a rush of sales to modish motorists.
Stylishly dressed in black and sporting bold, contemporary jewellery, she exudes the modish vibrancy of a woman half her age.
The resulting design was a restrained gown of creamy white silk tastefully ornamented with a soft crushed rose velvet; both women agreed that pure white, although currently quite modish , did not suit.
How tragic is this modish contempt for the past and obsession with the sensation of the present.
Denizens of the world of art naturally see the whole thing rather differently, viewing a critical platform as a useful vehicle for the dissemination of, say, the latest modish orthodoxies.
Which leaves the visitor free to form opinions free of the critical and cultural pressure that comes with looking at consecrated classic or modish modern art.
The area's five bike shops carry an array of full-suspension mountain bikes, body armor, and loose-fitting, modish clothing made for playing in the dirt.
Other varieties enjoying modish popularity in the late 1990s were Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and some which have origins in the Rhône; Syrah and Viognier are foremost.
The results for me are modish and enjoyable but never very exciting.
Few academics slog through Scott anymore, but English departments still need Scott scholars; you can jump the line of more modish tenure seekers, if you volunteer to play the frump.