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modify / модифицировать, видоизменять, определять
modify, retrofit
modify, mutate, transfigure
define, determine, set, measure, designate, modify
make partial or minor changes to (something), typically so as to improve it or to make it less extreme.
she may be prepared to modify her views
In the course of the final two days of debate, the government and the Labor Party used their numbers to defeat a series of amendments from the minor parties to modify the call-out power.
The semantic distinction between restrictive and non-restrictive modification applies to adjectives that modify nouns as well as to relative clauses.
He claims it is not possible to have a public open space because the developer is not prepared to modify its planning application to incorporate a green area.
In addition, I would like to be able to add, view and modify appointments using my web browser.
Despite this, and despite my complete lack of any experience at all with Perl, I decided that a good thing to do would be to modify them for version 4.
The company is interested in sustainable production and, like the other manufacturers mentioned below, is happy to modify furniture to fit the space.
They are able to mentally recreate visual experience, allowing them to transform and modify the arrangement of items.
she may be prepared to modify her views
He said you should modify your diet to fit in with the types of fruit, vegetables and herbs that you could easily grow.
Some blocks are there to modify the metabolism of molecules and others modify the overall structure to improve drug delivery.