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modifier / модификатор, определение
имя существительное
definition, determination, designation, decision, specification, modifier
имя существительное
a person or thing that makes partial or minor changes to something.
‘Chocolate is a potent mood modifier ,’ says the author.
Whenever possible, the interactions were confirmed with additional alleles of each putative modifier gene.
‘Chocolate is a potent mood modifier ,’ says the author.
The change in allele frequency at the modifier locus during diploid selection is given by Recombination.
This shows that the modifier gene did not affect Compact trait expression in the female.
Proper nouns can: when we talk about London fog, we are using London (a proper noun) as an attributive modifier of the noun fog.
Although the modifier in a noun phrase will often be an adjective, it doesn't have to be.
When a modified work were downloaded or streamed, both the creator of the original work and the modifier would get a share of the resultant revenue.
This is possible because moving can function as an attributive modifier of the head noun pianos.
They have to deal with the here and now and be composed of strong nouns and verbs; rarely are there modifiers , such as adjectives or adverbs.
Far from being ungrammatical, split infinitives are always an option for modifiers of infinitival clauses, and sometimes the only option.