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modification / модификация, изменение, видоизменение
имя существительное
change, variation, modification, alteration, shift, amendment
modification, change, variation, differentiation, transfiguration
имя существительное
the action of modifying something.
the parts supplied should fit with little or no modification
Any diesel vehicle can use the fuel without modification and without invalidating manufacturers' guarantees.
The document then contains various language leaving the door open to further modification .
That should be the standard day, subject to modification by the judge where that is considered appropriate.
Short of screening, no child and youngster will comply with treatment and diet modification .
The only major modification he had to make was to eat at home in the evenings instead of having a high-carb supper at the bowling club.
the parts supplied should fit with little or no modification
It's just the nature of these rules which will always be vexed and under constant modification .
Each week they have a weigh in, after undergoing some serious workouts and eating modification .
In many cases, cholesterol can be brought down by diet modification alone.
Far from being rigid or fixed, they are highly responsive to modification through fresh information.