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modicum / чуточка, очень маленькое количество, небольшие средства
имя существительное
modicum, touch, ounce, dash, smidgen, taste
очень маленькое количество
modicum, stiver
небольшие средства
имя существительное
a small quantity of a particular thing, especially something considered desirable or valuable.
his statement had more than a modicum of truth
Personally, I feel cheated if an election campaign does not include a modicum of shameful brawling.
It features a group of con artists with a modicum of honour: they only steal from the greedy and the morally corrupt.
With a modicum of imagination and a dash of invention, a good story could be built from this one.
A little brevity, a modicum of content, and a lot less rant would be good.
his statement had a modicum of truth
Besides, I'd probably take all morning to make them make a modicum of sense.
It could make an impressive chart but I'm content with a single sheet of typing paper, a few words and a modicum of connecting lines.
Meanwhile, back at the old ranch house, a quiet weekend looms, devoted to rest and recuperation and a modicum of gentle fun.
It's done in a spirit of fun, and relies on a modicum of good faith among the participants.
his statement had more than a modicum of truth