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modernize / модернизировать, осовременить
upgrade, modernize, streamline, update, style
adapt (something) to modern needs or habits, typically by installing modern equipment or adopting modern ideas or methods.
a five-year plan to modernize Algerian agriculture
It is time to modernize our society to match the rest of the free world.
a five-year plan to modernize Algerian agriculture
The plan is to modernize the buildings and revamp the curriculum.
Will they choose to further modernize this industrialized country by reforming laws and social norms unfair to women?
After the rift was mended, as a mark of reconciliation it was decided to revive and modernize the festival.
Are they wishfully trying to modernize the religion into something it isn't?
So I think we in Congress can help these less wealthy areas of the country update and modernize their technology.
You've got to modernize the system in order to be a part of the system.
These measures had a profound impact on some sectors which modernized their production methods to meet the war's limitless demand for arms and munitions.
The idea that progress comes through conflict has been lost to the idea that progress comes through allowing modernisers to do exactly what they want.