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modernist / модернист
имя существительное
имя существительное
a believer in or supporter of modernism, especially in the arts.
Beck's art reflected the influence of classic modernists such as Kandinsky and Mondrian as well as the Abstract Expressionists.
имя прилагательное
of or associated with modernism, especially in the arts.
The image becomes abstract, but is evocative of specific styles of modernist painting.
The ancient way of counting out lines thus provides a bass for these original, modernist inventions.
The result is an Afro-Brazilian subject overlaid with a European modernist style.
In a departure from their usual cool, modernist installations, this summer they are responding to a very different environment.
The Second tries to find logic in sounds imagined in silence, and pre-empts modernist experimentalism.
Although the art deco and modernist movements are of great interest to him, he claims to have no major influence on his work.
These artists advocated a move away from modernist styles to a more straightforward naturalism.
The paintings themselves depicted unpeopled rooms furnished in generic modernist decor.
History's changing cultural place is also revealed by comparing the characteristic structure of Victorian and modernist novels.
These oils on canvas rework that fulcrum of modernist painting, the grid.
Rather, it is a refreshing example of contemporary modernist park design.