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modernism / модернизм, новейшие течения, неологизм
имя существительное
новейшие течения
neologism, word of new mintage, neology, modernism, word of modern coinage
имя существительное
modern character or quality of thought, expression, or technique.
when he waxes philosophical, he comes across as a strange mix of nostalgia and modernism
Like all of his shows, this one is challenging and timely, but it only glancingly addresses how the computer is eroding the hard-won humanistic qualities of modernism .
She also participated in the ideological and esthetic shift from modernism to postmodernism and has experience with the strategies of both.
a strange mix of nostalgia and modernism
That earlier activity ran parallel to the beginnings of modernism in French art, with artists like Manet and Degas responding to the anxious and unsettled urban environment they inhabited.
Our analyses of national data for 12 European countries and Israel lent strong support to our hypotheses linking theological modernism with cultural and economic individualism.
He parodied the historical parade of styles in modernism , mimicking, for example, the strains of lyrical and geometric abstraction.
The answer for most was the multi-faceted world of experiments in expression that we call modernism .
Visual art, including bodybuilding, can be divided into classicism and modernism .
There was a total commitment to modernism and innovation, an impatience to get to the future ahead of everybody else.
I will reveal myself as being closer to modernism than to postmodernism by asserting that I believe there are some things that are true.