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moderator / замедлитель, регулятор, арбитр
имя существительное
moderator, inhibitor
regulator, controller, governor, moderator, adjustor, damper
arbitrator, referee, arbiter, judge, adjudicator, moderator
имя существительное
an arbitrator or mediator.
Egypt managed to assert its role as a regional moderator
a person who moderates an Internet forum or online discussion.
I'm not interested in reading only what your moderators approve.
a substance used in a nuclear reactor to retard neutrons.
Heavy water is a suitable and convenient moderator of neutrons in nuclear reactors.
after marking by the tutor, the papers are returned to a moderator
Light-water reactors use ordinary water for both coolant and for neutron moderator .
The moderator of the English language debates got a lot of bad press for letting things get out of control.
The list manager, unlike a moderator , does not pre-approve each e-mail sent to the list.
Currently, he is scheduled to be a moderator at the third presidential debate in Arizona.
in a fast reactor there is no moderator to slow the reaction down
Heavy water is a suitable and convenient moderator of neutrons in nuclear reactors.
And my answer there is that my function as a debate moderator has always been to just to facilitate the exchange between the candidates, to get them to talk about it.
The first act of the Assembly was the appointment of a moderator .
A vocal critic of the government, he was a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church and moderator of its Transvaal senate when he was banned in 1977.