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moderation / умеренность, замедление, сдержанность
имя существительное
moderation, temperance, sobriety, modesty, frugality, abstinence
deceleration, retard, slowdown, retardation, moderation, delay
restraint, reserve, moderation, reticence, modesty, control
имя существительное
the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one's behavior or political opinions.
he urged the police to show moderation
the retardation of neutrons by a moderator.
Soil water content was measured three times per week by neutron moderation method at 10, 20, 40, 60, and 80 cm depths.
Ireland needs to see significant and continuous cost reductions and wage moderation if we are to protect existing employment.
A real decline in inflation would depend in the moderation of wage demands by ‘organised groups of workers’, indicated Government sources.
That's what I favour - moderation and responsible behaviour.
This moderation of tone is politically smart, I think.
Political pluralism also tends to exercise some moderation or restraint on unbridled nationalism.
This is probably more precaution than I would take on my weblog, particularly the moderation of unregistered comments.
coursework may need to be filed separately for the purposes of moderation
To some extent, it appears to function as a cautionary tale, preaching moderation : excess, it warns, finishes you off quicker than boredom.
Given the enormous British tradition of restraint and moderation , that won't happen this time but a drastic response such as that will surely happen if such attacks continue.
We advocate that customers eat smart with balance, variety and moderation and go active with moderate exercise.