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modelling / моделирование, лепка, формовка
имя существительное
modeling, styling
modeling, modelling
molding, modeling, moulding, modelling
имя прилагательное
modeling, modelling
имя существительное
the work of a fashion model.
He continues his modelling career between acting jobs and is based with a Manchester agency.
the art or activity of making three-dimensional models.
Their works - be it be painting, clay modelling or videography - are great.
fashion or shape (a three-dimensional figure or object) in a malleable material such as clay or wax.
use the icing to model a house
display (clothes) by wearing them.
One would think that Asian models would be more suited to model clothes with the Oriental flair.
lessons included life drawing and clay modelling
Updating of its contents is most timely in view of the recent interest in mathematical modelling of oil field development techniques.
have you ever thought of a career in modelling?
Women certainly seem to take centre stage when it comes to the world of fashion and modelling , and the few men in the profession appear to be a class apart.
It's just not a profession for me… modelling has showcased what life is all about.
macroeconomic modelling and policy analysis
Another boy worked with his grandma on a fish smoking shed, creating endless numbers of kippers out of modelling clay.
The essence of mathematical modelling is simplification.
Where even this approach is unsatisfactory, the full complexity of three-dimensional modelling must be faced.
I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with New York and LA being the epicenters of acting and modelling .