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mode / режим, способ, мода
имя существительное
mode, regime, regimen, behavior, schedule, duty
way, method, process, manner, means, mode
fashion, mode, vogue, style, craze, rage
имя существительное
a way or manner in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done.
his preferred mode of travel was a kayak
a fashion or style in clothes, art, literature, etc..
in the Seventies, the mode for activewear took hold
the value that occurs most frequently in a given set of data.
Figure 4 shows mean and standard error of the mode , or most common, vessel length for the series of apple rootstock and scion varieties.
a set of musical notes forming a scale and from which melodies and harmonies are constructed.
His musical language is spare in style, its melodies and harmonies based on old church modes and the pentatonic scales of Finnish folk-music.
Most good printers have a standby mode that allows them to sleep and save energy when not actually printing.
From the point of view of a cognitive scientist, who looks at modes of thought, there are six basic types of progressives, each with a distinct mode of thought.
It would be great if this swing in taste could also help raise the profile of artists who have long been working in the newly fashionable mode .
Weighted average time values for each mode are derived as follows.
The best part of the surprise was that not only had I taken these photographs on my own, but I also had taken them with the camera in manual mode .
The weekly Rainfall report will similarly change from the summer mode to winter fashion.
Once inside, the bedrooms will turn out to be, like the whole hotel, in the mode of plush Vogue Regency.
The bridesmaids wore Hawaiian-print dresses, a fashion mode echoed in the groomsmen's shirts.
Art Deco, however defined, never aspired to be more than a new look, a fashionable mode of decoration.
Random mode allows you to set up a course of fire and then just let it run.