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mocking / осмеяние, пародирование
имя существительное
mockery, ridicule, derision, mocking, mock, jesting
имя прилагательное
making fun of someone or something in a cruel way; derisive.
the mocking hostility in his voice made her wince
tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner.
he mocks them as Washington insiders
Even the more sentimental variations seem mocking .
Elizabeth curtseyed very prettily, though her eyes were slightly mocking .
Billy the Greek bustled me indoors as Lynne looked confused before our hoots of laughter became too mocking .
Had his life ended when he was 60 years of age, his obituaries would have been both short and mocking .
The slow drawl was meant to be mocking .
He had always kidded her about her faith, but lately his tone had been more derisive, mocking .
But overall, this movie was disgusting, mocking , and disappointing.
The ruthless scientist changed from mocking to sad.
In the mining district, religious zeal was often counterbalanced by a skeptical, almost mocking , attitude.
His research is thorough, and his tone is fond, occasionally mocking .