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mock / высмеивать, издеваться, насмехаться
make fun of, ridicule, mock, deride, satirize, laugh
scoff, mock, flout, ride, guy, roast
mock, taunt, scoff, razz, sneer, deride
имя прилагательное
false, spurious, mock, dummy, pseudo, erroneous
fictitious, dummy, bogus, mock, null
burlesque, mock
имя существительное
mockery, ridicule, sneer, taunt, jibe, mock
parody, travesty, spoof, skit, mockery, mock
imitation, emulation, echo, mock, takeoff
имя прилагательное
not authentic or real, but without the intention to deceive.
a mock-Georgian red brick house
имя существительное
an object of derision.
he has become the mock of all his contemporaries
tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner.
he mocks them as Washington insiders
The party routinely sets the agenda for new attacks on welfare and immigrants, to which the other parties adapt while holding up their hands in mock horror.
We have mock battles with each other on a daily basis.
‘What are you implying,’ roars the actor in mock horror.
Jay widened his eyes in mock horror, holding his hands up in front of his chest.
It was armed with a cache of stuffed animals and sparkles with the intent of staging a mock siege of the fenced-in leaders.
The boys looked at Will in mock horror and disgust, moving away from Will ever so slightly in supposed contempt.
Since then, he has had to undergo a number of interviews, mock breakdown scenarios and mechanical tests.
We may laugh, scowl or mock initially, but eventually we usually recognize them as what they are and move on.
As the cop turns to leave, the punk's screams change from mock protest to real anger.
He will be a fine knight, if his show at the mock battle was not a fluke.