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mocha / кофе мокко
имя существительное
кофе мокко
имя существительное
a fine-quality coffee.
A whoosh of freshly ground mocha coffee hits the nose and then, once the wine hits your mouth, it's joined by black fruits, liquorice, spice and a spray of refreshing acidity.
a soft kind of leather made from sheepskin.
A mocha coffee typically contains 350 calories and a large muffin has 500 calories, so be prepared to take at least a two-hour hike to walk off your breakfast.
Many grocery stores carry all kinds of ‘specialty coffees’ such as mint, mocha , or almond.
Her jeans were mocha brown and new denim, not faded a day.
She walked out of the small shop with an iced mocha latte, just the smell of coffee awakening her completely.
Then she realized that one of his eyes was deep mocha brown and the other was a bright sky blue, almost too blue.
Kenyan, Colombian or mocha coffee
His dark eyes and mocha skin made him an exotic latin lover like creature which was available to all but belonged to none.
If you have brown eyes, stick with taupe, sable and mocha hues.
He doesn't want to be asked if he wants mocha chocalatta, he just wants a coffee and he wants it now.
A barbecued duck breast with roasted plums might have been enjoyable if it hadn't arrived mocha brown.