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mobster / гангстер, бандит, преступник
имя существительное
gangster, mobster, killer, hoodlum
bandit, thug, gangster, gunman, mobster, brigand
criminal, offender, culprit, perpetrator, delinquent, mobster
имя существительное
a member of a group of violent criminals; a gangster.
It's also one of the primary reasons the moviegoing public is fascinated with mobsters and movies about mobsters .
When they witness one of their colleagues being murdered by a local mobster , however, everything changes.
Dealing with a mobster was like dealing with a terrorist, he had told himself.
In some way, you had to know he was a gangster, a killer, a mobster .
Not everyone who commits a crime while wearing a suit is a mobster .
The 1970 law, which was originally created to prosecute mobsters , makes normal business a crime if it is part of an illegal conspiracy.
It was full of guys who thought they were thugs, mobsters and junkies.
Up is down and black is white in this world of mobsters and molls.
Thieves rob the Mafia, killing three mobsters and two cops in the process.
Once darkness falls, the army cedes huge areas of the shanty towns to local gangs and mobsters .
And it has hauled a group of Mafia mobsters into the dock to testify.