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mobility / мобильность, подвижность, маневренность
имя существительное
mobility, locomotivity
mobility, motility, movability, agility, fluidity, maneuverability
maneuverability, mobility, handleability, manoeuvrability
имя существительное
the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.
this exercise helps retain mobility in the damaged joints
Even before the price rise, there had been opportunities for upward social mobility .
Capitalism, after all, is meant to be a fluid system allowing for social mobility .
Physiotherapy is a manual that teaches you how to improve strength and mobility by using your body more effectively.
The aim was to reduce her pain and increase her mobility enough to enable her to walk freely, garden, and drive again.
The differences in mobility were most pronounced for people aged between 16 and 30.
Some of the elders who need exercise are in danger of losing their mobility .
The most egalitarian societies are also those with the highest level of social mobility .
Fractures of both heels or feet with a substantial restriction on mobility or considerable or permanent pain.
The mobility is also part of an employment pattern of openness to new workplaces.
Cranial osteopathy is particularly gentle and is used to correct disturbances in tissue mobility in the skull.