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moat / ров, ров с водой
имя существительное
moat, ditch, trench, fosse, dyke, dike
ров с водой
обносить рвом
имя существительное
a deep, wide ditch surrounding a castle, fort, or town, typically filled with water and intended as a defense against attack.
Its present appearance, a picturesque ruin surrounded by a wide moat full of water lilies, masks its serious military purpose.
surround (a place) with a moat.
a moated castle
The moat was drained of water with only moss growing at the bottom and the outside walls crawling with thorny vines.
Archers were posted on the walls of the castle, easily able to pick off any enemies that wanted to try their luck at crossing the wide moat .
He cried in a voice that reverberated off the castle walls and sent the water in the moat into a series of ripples.
Think of a castle with a deep moat and a dozen cannon on the turrets.
I thought of water, like a moat , but that was not possible.
It had a drawbridge that was not over a moat filled with water, but a chasm that seemed to go to the center of the Earth.
This would connect the castle to a roadway usually across a moat or ditch.
The large pond not only provided fresh fish for the city markets but also helped keep the moat around the walls filled with water.
Besides a moat filled with rain water by way of the castle aqueducts, there were two walls, the lower outer and the higher inner.
A moat of icy water separates them from civilisation.