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mnemonic / мнемонический
имя прилагательное
mnemonic, mnemonical
имя прилагательное
aiding or designed to aid the memory.
When adjusted for differences in overall mnemonic ability, we demonstrate that the relationship between organization and learning remains invariant with normal aging.
имя существительное
a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.
Short, succinct, and easy to remember - a mnemonic .
To me, this isn't the occasional mnemonic hiccup, it's a cognitive hacking cough.
PEST (standing for political, economic, social, and technological change) roughly defines the scope of what is required but the word PEST is no more than a convenient mnemonic .
I'll only say that we did have a mnemonic base, and now that we've changed to another combo, we still use a mnemonic .
In other words, abstract, objective, and analytical thought reflects a literate society, and concrete, formulaic, and mnemonic thinking marks an oral culture.
The five ‘R's’ of the model (receive, relate, reflect, refine, and reconstruct) are a mnemonic device to represent the major areas of the experiential learning model.
The tricolour is portrayed as a mnemonic of the country, which once stood for sacrifice, peace and fertility, and also as a country today fragmented by divisive political and religious forces.
It also makes a nice mnemonic for the various forms of election counterintelligence and disinformation.
Short, succinct, and easy to remember - a mnemonic .
Photographs, for him, are mnemonic fields, but (as they are spatial cuts, not temporally extensive) they are inevitably severed from an immediate context.
That is, attaching a story or other mnemonic device to what is to be recalled improves our memory.