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mizzle / изморось
имя существительное
drizzle, drizzling, mizzle, mizzling
mizzle, hook in, buzz off, absquatulate
имя существительное
light rain; drizzle.
rain lightly.
it was mizzling steadily
the stillness that comes with a Cornish mizzle
Moreover, chocolate can be dissolved by heat from below then vertically transferred to the top of the fountain, where it then mizzles downward the tiers.
It was a grey, mizzly day and I had no good reason to go out at all.
Even as the drizzle mizzles down relentlessly on the site, it is a truly Arcadian setting.
The gray skies have lingered all day, but it has not rained or even mizzled .
By all rights there should be a depressing mizzly rain misting down from the heavens.
Through his mizzly eyes he saw her handkerchief.
Yesterday and today have been gorgeous, blue skies, small clouds and only mizzled this morning for a short while.
The yellow and red leaves are swirling down, the rain mizzles , the soft white sky is soothing after months of harsh sunlight.
‘Okay, why don't you stop us,’ he mocked, but something skittish and shamed began to leak into his eyes, a grey, mizzly vapor that snuffed out all the light.