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mixer / смеситель, миксер, мешалка
имя существительное
mixer, blender, liquidizer
mixer, blender, liquidizer
mixer, agitator, blender, churn
имя существительное
a machine or device for mixing things, especially an electrical appliance for mixing foods.
a food mixer
a person considered in terms of their ability to mix socially with others.
media people need to be good mixers
a social gathering where people can make new acquaintances.
Tourists visit from all over the world to participate in the week's activities, which include concerts, parades, puppet shows, and social mixers that stir from dusk until dawn.
a soft drink that can be mixed with alcohol.
If you have mixed drinks, use mixers that are sugar-free, such as diet soda, tonic water, club soda or seltzer.
(in sound recording and cinematography) a device for merging input signals to produce a combined output in the form of sound or pictures.
Your default mixer and audio devices should be automatically detected, so that part should already be filled in.
At 14 he started DJing with friends and swapped an Indian drum for a mixer .
Andy accompanies a friend to a singles mixer , but it takes a panic attack to make him realize he's not yet ready for the dating world.
I took a job helping the sound mixer set up in a jazz club, where I met the director of a local cable-television show.
dogs must be fed with an equal volume of canned food and mixer
Because the beats were relatively short, he developed a technique to extend them for longer periods of time by using an audio mixer and two identical records.
You'll need to start with a mixer to get your signals together via the new and improved re-MIX.
I worked doing sound recording for a company and I had a sound mixer .
Oh - and I want a food mixer of some sort, because creaming butter and sugar by hand is not a lot of fun.
If the DJ sets up near the console, the DJ mixer 's outputs can be patched into channel line inputs.
‘Audio Mixing’ allows the viewer to get an idea of what it's like to be a sound mixer on a film.