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mixed / смешанный, перемешанный, разнородный
имя прилагательное
mixed, mingled, miscellaneous, hybrid, promiscuous, assorted
mixed, jumbled
heterogeneous, dissimilar, promiscuous, mixed, medley, manifold
имя прилагательное
consisting of different qualities or elements.
a varied, mixed diet
They wanted a mix of different sites and that one was outside a station so it would give a different picture than something in a mixed residential area for example.
Stories such as this leave me with mixed feelings.
Our mixed team of male and female paddlers had spent countless hours slogging up and down Hahn's Inlet in the cold and rain in preparation for this event.
The relevant studies were of fair to good quality but showed mixed results.
So even as people living the mixed race experience would seem inherently inclusive, there really seems to be no way around those feelings of closing off to others.
And despite the mixed reaction and reviews, his restructuring efforts drew keen attention both at home and abroad.
How do you normally compete, are they men against men, women against women, or are there now mixed competitions?
Anyways, the juniors and seniors at our high school have mixed grade, co-ed gym classes.
Most people maintain health and adequate protein intake from a mixed , varied diet.
There was generally a good but mixed standard within the residential areas, with some estates practically litter free.