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mitten / рукавица, варежка, митенка
имя существительное
mitten, gauntlet, gantlet, muffle, muffler
mitten, gate, trap
mitt, mitten
имя существительное
a glove with two sections, one for the thumb and the other for all four fingers.
An ordinary glove or mitten may be worn on the bow hand.
This is also the only knitting machine that will produce a fabric like the old and familiar style of striped mitten … yet so simple that a child of six to ten years of age can operate it easily and readily.
It's for a fast hat for me, and probably some kind of fingerless mitten to wear at work when it's cold (and over light gloves in the morning at the bus stop).
The arms were gloved in a seemingly soft, dull brown mitten .
Everyone I know is going to get a matching tea-cosy, hat, scarf, mitten and egg-cosy set for Christmas.
But instead he pushes himself on, shrugging back into his parka, cinching the hood, donning one mitten and then the other with the help of his teeth.
Terry and Andy looked almost identical in the pictures if it wasn't for the fact that they were each wearing a different color scarf, hat and mitten sets they would have been the same.
The earliest example of what can strictly be call naalbinding is found in a mitten from Asle Mose, Sweden, dated to C3 or C4 A.D., but the technique was already quite elaborate by that time.
With this kind of configuration, the grapple works like a hand as opposed to a thumb and bucket, which is more like wearing a mitten .
Some variation for the mittens would be to add a cuff of ribbing or fringe to the outside of the mitten .
They were fingerless, with a hood that one could pull over one's fingers to turn it into a mitten .