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mitt / рука, митенка, боксерские перчатки
имя существительное
hand, arm, fist, mitt, paw, claw
mitt, mitten
боксерские перчатки
boxing gloves, mitt, mitten
имя существительное
a mitten.
oven mitts
Buy an oven mitt and then fill it with cooking utensils from a dollar store - wooden spoons, spatula, rubber scrapers, etc.
I had to move fast so as not to get caught, but I managed to snag an oven mitt .
I cut the oven off and put on an oven mitt and took the tray of hot cookies out of the oven and put them onto the cooling rack with the others.
I wore an oven mitt to protect my hand from the cold.
So, if and when you finally hold a publisher's contract in your trembling little mitt , take a good look at what it says.
Use an oven mitt or kitchen towel when handling or cleaning the hot grill.
It was still sizzling and even through the oven mitt , the pan was on fire.
Get this - old sweaters are unravelled on a regular basis with the wool used for ‘new’ scarves, mitts and toques.
For the love of a glove: a baseball mitt just isn't a necessary piece of equipment, it's a part of life for many players
For example, Irniq saw an older woman sewing reindeer skin mittens in the same way Inuit women make caribou mitts .