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mite / клещ, лепта, полушка
имя существительное
mite, tick, acarus, harvest mite, acarid, harvest bug
маленькая вещь
mite, minikin
имя существительное
a minute arachnid that has four pairs of legs when adult, related to the ticks. Many kinds live in the soil and a number are parasitic on plants or animals.
All of these arthropods are known predators of insect eggs; on at least 17 plants, adult mites were directly observed attacking eggs.
a small child or animal, especially when regarded as an object of sympathy.
the poor little mite looks half-starved
a very small amount.
his teacher thought he needed a mite of discipline
a little; slightly.
all evening he's seemed a mite awkward
I'm gonna have to get him to the vets very soon the poor mite , he seems happy enough other than a bit of scratching though.
Is anyone else feeling a mite peckish just now?
Poor little mite was most disturbed by the adventure and shivered in my arms, probably not from fear but more from uncertainty.
A fair few are competent although scarcely memorable, a mite predictable, but all the books contain stories that could at least be considered for any ‘best of’ collection.
Poor little mite , you can just see the new spots appearing as you watch.
You said, ‘an infallible definition is never new revelation’ but isn't that just a mite disingenuous?
Undoubtedly he is arrogant, a man not prone to shy from a fight. He's an earnest football coach with huge ambition, even if his focus on defence is a mite negative for some tastes.
his teacher thought he needed a mite of discipline
She's been having a nightmare, poor little mite .
But a parasitic mite , Varroa destructor, has started to wreak havoc on honeybee colonies.