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misuse / злоупотреблять, неправильно употреблять, неправильно обращаться
abuse, misuse, overuse, overindulge, trespass, misapply
неправильно употреблять
неправильно обращаться
misuse, misguide
имя существительное
abuse, misuse, overindulgence, misapplication, trespass, malversation
неправильное употребление
misuse, abuse
плохое обращение
mistreatment, abuse, misuse, ill-use
имя существительное
the wrong or improper use of something.
drugs of such potency that their misuse can have dire consequences
use (something) in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose.
he was found guilty of misusing public funds
In order to prove misuse of powers one has to establish the motive or intention of the institution exercising the power.
These checks and balances were created to prevent misuse of power.
The Bill which the government is supporting, will provide powers to control their misuse .
People misuse the categories of interventionism and isolationism.
Exercise of public power has to be coupled with accountability; otherwise, it would lead to misuse of power.
Not only do they take them for commercial purposes, but they misuse them entirely.
a misuse of power
drugs of such potency that their misuse can have dire consequences
Unfortunately for us, we have only begun to witness the consequences of this ghastly misuse of unaccountable power.
Like nuclear weapons, these devices would be awesome in their power - and their misuse would be terrifying.