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misunderstanding / недоразумение, неправильное понимание, размолвка
имя существительное
misunderstanding, misconception, mistake, misapprehension, unpleasantness, misunderstand
неправильное понимание
misunderstanding, miscomprehension, mischievousness
spat, tiff, rift, misunderstanding, variance, pique
имя существительное
a failure to understand something correctly.
a misunderstanding of the facts and the law
fail to interpret or understand (something) correctly.
he had misunderstood the policeman's hand signals
To correct his misunderstanding and misperceptions I have addressed the following open letter to him which touches upon some key concepts and basic points.
It is becoming fashionable now that any slight incident of misunderstanding should discharge wanton destruction and lawlessness.
they had a slight misunderstanding
His accomplished studies of human failure and misunderstanding are more than mere reels of celluloid.
he left the army after a slight misunderstanding with his commanding officer
The premier himself and the interpreter soon realized the misunderstanding and corrected the translation, to the amusement of everyone involved.
The slightest misunderstanding could result in big trouble for the locals, including being beaten and kicked.
The idea that mutual assured destruction is a policy choice shows a complete misunderstanding of the basic facts of existence.
I want to correct a misunderstanding or mistake that may have been made in answer to question No.1.
there must have been some kind of misunderstanding