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misunderstand / неправильно понять, не понять
неправильно понять
misunderstand, misconceive, miscomprehend
не понять
имя существительное
misunderstanding, misconception, mistake, misapprehension, unpleasantness, misunderstand
fail to interpret or understand (something) correctly.
he had misunderstood the policeman's hand signals
You need to be subtle and sensitive in family situations and personal relationships, as people tend to get hurt easily and misunderstand you.
He has certainly managed to get an awful lot of people to misunderstand him.
What's new is that only in the most recent epoch has that process created minds that can understand the process, or misunderstand it.
I believe it is because we misunderstand the real nature of love, and so confuse ourselves about the place of love in both romance and married life.
I said, distinctly separating every word, so that she couldn't misunderstand me.
But I'm not saying a child should have a veto; people frequently misunderstand me.
And I'm presumptuous enough to assume that people might actually take the time to misunderstand me.
don't misunderstand me—I'm not implying she should be working
To misunderstand it is to misread the bold signs of what will be the great historical markers our time.
I'm trying to show how maybe I tend to misunderstand things or misconstrue things or tend to foreground certain things.