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mistreat / плохо обращаться, жестоко обращаться
плохо обращаться
mistreat, mishandle, abuse, walk over, roughhouse, ill-treat
жестоко обращаться
maltreat, mistreat, deal cruelly, ill-treat
treat (a person or animal) badly, cruelly, or unfairly.
We cannot hunt, abuse and mistreat people in a quest for justice.
Certainly we shouldn't mistreat prisoners, or unnecessarily bomb innocent civilians.
We cannot hunt, abuse and mistreat people in a quest for justice.
Perpetrators can be parents who abuse and mistreat their children at home before they come to camp.
They would mistreat me and abuse me, and would never have trusted me wandering the ship alone.
These people know nothing about traveling through the Northland, and they badly mistreat Buck.
In the Quran it very carefully and meticulously says you do not mistreat visitors in your own home or visitors in your own country if they are foreigners.
In fact, in some of these countries, it's routine to mistreat prisoners and do a lot worse to them than we did to our prisoners.
It has the right to beat and mistreat anyone locked up.
If not, the people who mistreat the prisoners will be treated as war criminals.
The police mistreat people, and we don't condemn them too seriously for that, if it's in the distress of a riot situation.