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mister / господин, мистер
имя существительное
lord, master, gentleman, mister, sir, monsieur
употреблять слово 'мистер'
имя существительное
used as a form of address to a man whose name is not known.
thanks, mister
a device, such as a bottle, with a nozzle for spraying a mist of water, especially on houseplants.
Rabbits, which find the knee-high orchard grass perfectly hospitable habitat, have also presented problems, particularly since they have shown a penchant for the spaghetti tubing that connects the irrigation hose to the misters .
Also use a pebble tray or spray plants often with a mister to increase humidity.
Well, I'm sorry, mister , but I've been a Frank Zappa fan since before you were even wearing diapers, okay?
don't back-talk me, mister!
That's my wife you're talking about, mister .
Another voice could be heard that was even louder, ‘You don't have to like my decision mister but you will have to live with it!
"Well mister ," she said, pointing her fork at him.
I think you've been reading too many Tom Clancy novels, mister .
If you do not have time or do not need to wash your hair, just dampening it slightly with a mister or wet comb should do the trick.
‘Thanks, mister ,’ I gasped at the guide who pulled me out.
You just wait until you have problems fitting into your tux, mister .