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mist / туман, дымка, мгла
имя существительное
fog, mist, haze, smoke, brume, toman
haze, smoke, mist, film, brume, a film of fog
haze, mist, fog, brume
застилать туманом
mist, dim, fog, befog, shade, haze
mist, dim, fog, haze
имя существительное
a cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth's surface limiting visibility, but to a lesser extent than fog; strictly, with visibility remaining above 1.5 miles (1 km).
the peaks were shrouded in mist
cover or become covered with mist.
the windows were misted up with condensation
The range office staff were busy rubbing away at the heavy mist that had settled on the jeep's windscreen.
There was a mist in the air mixed with a bit of a drizzle.
the peaks were shrouded in mist
a mist rose out of the river
From spring to autumn, give it plenty of water, mist the leaves occasionally and apply a liquid feed once a month.
He squinted, but her face was obscured, either by the haze or by the mist welling up in his own eyes.
the glass was beginning to mist up
A cloud of mist rose and spread across the valley, shielding us from sight.
She trudged on through the thick, swirling mist .
Ruth saw most of the scene through a mist of tears