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missus / миссис, хозяйка, жена
имя существительное
missus, missis
hostess, housewife, proprietress, missus, missis
wife, lady, missus, feme, missis, squaw
имя существительное
a man's wife.
I promised the missus I'd be home by eleven
Taking a swim has ‘frightened the missus considerably,’ he says.
Tonight the missus and I went out for dinner and some Christmas shopping.
It was about 9:30 in the evening when the missus said she was going home and would take the kids with her.
‘You'd better watch out, missus ,’ I said to Dolly, ‘I feel a pellucid coming on.’
Well, for what it's worth, missus , the Last Post suggests home economics for an easier life.
The candidate himself says the missus , and we quote, ‘speaks her mind appropriately.’
You know, the missus and I just bought a new house, and it cost considerably less than $1.2 billion.
I'm sure a word with the director would open the way for me to borrow a few dozen of the choicer pieces with which I would be happy to drape the missus .
I promised the missus I'd be home by eleven
I took the missus to recharge the batteries a bit this past weekend and it did us wonders.