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mission / миссия, задание, цель
имя существительное
mission, message
task, job, assignment, mission, target, exercise
goal, purpose, objective, aim, target, mission
имя прилагательное
missionary, mission, missioner
посылать с поручением
вести миссионерскую работу
имя существительное
an important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel.
a trade mission to Mexico
the vocation or calling of a religious organization, especially a Christian one, to go out into the world and spread its faith.
the Christian mission
a strongly felt aim, ambition, or calling.
his main mission in life has been to cut unemployment
he was shot down on a supply mission
NASA has approved a mission to investigate the atmosphere of Mars
Even a UN security mission sent in to assess the situation had to turn back before reaching Mazar because it was too dangerous to proceed.
Constants in Context is a survey of missiology, or the ways the church carries out its mission in the world.
A factory foreman embarks on a dangerous mission to occupied France to retrieve important machinery.
This means that its interpretation is properly ecclesial, serving the mission of the church.
a reconnaissance mission
And it is with this motto that he has undertaken the mission to walk throughout the country.
He always thought that his main mission in life, and his greatest pleasure, was in teaching the deaf.
A joint government-Anglo-Jewish mission was sent out in May 1939 to Africa to assess appropriate settlement sites.