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missing / недостающий, отсутствующий, потерявшийся
имя прилагательное
missing, lacking, deficient, failing, wanting
missing, absent, vacant, faraway, vague, wanting
имя существительное
без вести пропавшие
имя прилагательное
(of a thing) not able to be found because it is not in its expected place.
a quantity of cash has gone missing
fail to hit, reach, or come into contact with (something aimed at).
a laser-guided bomb had missed its target
notice the loss or absence of.
he's rich—he won't miss the money
They say it had gone missing four years ago… when King Joseph's son disappeared.
The Justice Department asked us to create a special national missing persons Web site for Katrina victims.
They have a very different attitude towards missing people.
There followed ‘one of the largest and most public missing persons inquiries that has ever taken place in this country’.
First the car: although there have been few causes for complaint since the new Mini came on the market, the one thing missing until now was a diesel engine.
It was like someone being missing in action, or at sea: you don't know when it's over.
For the pain will be there as long as we have missing people who are unaccounted for.
We all went about our business, and, when finished, I noticed the van was missing .
Among the haul are foreign identity cards that are handed to embassies tracing missing nationals.
My mother left the kitchen and opened the door to the garage where my dad's car was missing .