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misshapen / уродливый, деформированный
имя прилагательное
ugly, deformed, malformed, monstrous, misshapen, unsightly
misshapen, strained
имя прилагательное
not having the normal or natural shape or form.
misshapen fruit
Frogs found in the vicinity of the refuge's oil fields had missing or misshapen hind legs and feet, and missing eyes.
However, nothing is more frustrating after so much effort than seeing misshapen or rotten fruits on the vines.
The fruits are misshapen and unnatural looking, a kind of elephantine mutation of, say, cherries.
Also in the glass case was a small laptop computer, destroyed, misshapen but still recognisable.
I will probably use this for a box top, though it's a little misshapen for that.
The syndrome, which leads to a deformed or misshapen head, is caused when a baby's head is in contact with a firm surface for lengthy periods.
His nose was a little misshapen and he winced as he moved his jaw.
What little hair remained on its head was ragged and clumped, and the nose was bent and misshapen .
A kaleidoscope of bizarre images and misshapen faces danced before him.
Severe arthritis has left his joints swollen and misshapen .