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misrule / плохое управление, неправильное руководство, беспорядок
имя существительное
плохое управление
mismanagement, misrule, maladministration
неправильное руководство
misguidance, misdirection, misrule
mess, disorder, clutter, confusion, chaos, misrule
плохо управлять
mismanage, misrule, misgovern, mishandle
имя существительное
the unfair or inefficient conduct of the affairs of a country or state.
forty years of misrule by local elites
govern (a country or state) badly.
The Scottish Executive is cracking up under the strain of misruling the country.
Liminal phases of rites of passage, carnivals, and fêtes are often pervaded by images of chaos and misrule .
The empire eventually weakened due to large-scale corruption and nepotism, overtaxation, and misrule .
a country that is recovering from decades of misrule
And Nigeria is, after all, a relatively young democracy, having shaken off decades of military misrule barely five years ago.
From 1945 onwards, few cared to question whether this Churchillian refusal to negotiate with Stalin, or any other dictator, actually makes things worse - that would have sounded as though excuses were being made for misrule .
One of the tragic consequences of prolonged misrule and the melt-down of the economy is that millions of Zimbabweans have taken refuge beyond the borders of the country of their birth.
In his defence, the general has made no secret of these plans, which he insists provide the only ‘checks and balances’ that will prevent corruption and misrule .
On another occasion, she publicly denounced the Chief Minister of another State for the latter's criminal misrule .
The troglodytes who misrule Scotland have developed artistic pretensions; it is not a pretty sight.
It is a new beginning, but few expect Africa to stride gracefully into the future if the people of Africa must carry the heavy baggage of decades of corruption, conflict and misrule along for the ride.