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misread / неправильно истолковывать, читать неправильно, прочитать неправильно
неправильно истолковывать
misconstrue, misread, take amiss, wrest
читать неправильно
прочитать неправильно
read (a piece of text) wrongly.
The writer of the piece seemed to have misread Otto's article, but he gave my wonderful son a nice plug, and I appreciate that.
I could have misread the situation completely but he actually seemed quite pleased to have us there.
In Lebanon, the Syrians have repeatedly misread the Bush administration's intentions.
I regret the fact I appear to have misread my own notes.
One reader seems to have misread the piece and thinks that I ‘publicly admitted to hacking’.
That would be to misread the seriousness of the situation.
They are also in the grip of leftist ideologies which consistently lead them to misread the world and its dangers, and to make stupid decisions.
In doing so, they almost certainly misread his intentions.
They simply did not represent Islam, and had misread its sacred text.
Another big problem with using insider data on specific companies is that executives sometimes misread company prospects.
perhaps she'd misread the note and got the time wrong