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misquote / переврать, неправильно цитировать
неправильно цитировать
quote (a person or a piece of written or spoken text) inaccurately.
the foreign secretary had misquoted Qian
имя существительное
a passage or remark quoted inaccurately.
a misquote from a poem by Robert Burns
The 10% statement may have been started with a misquote of Albert Einstein or the misinterpretation of the work of Pierre Flourens in the 1800s.
a misquote from a poem by Robert Burns
I think it's been a bit of a misquote because I've never thought of my upbringing as being oppressive in any way.
I need to correct a misquote in your report on the proposal for a six-term year for schools.
The misquote was picked up by The Washington Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, and dozens of other newspapers, but it was also flagged by several pro-Dean sites and the popular blog Daily Kos.
Thankfully, someone else corrected his misquote , pointing out that a group editing system might have helped out in such a situation.
This isn't a misquote (grammar mistake and all).
But this was just a misquote and inaccurate reporting, if you will.
a misquote from a poem by Robert Burns
This misquote was included to raise the issue of interpretation within an infallible system - there is a very big difference between infallibility of scripture and infallibility of interpretation.