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mispronounce / неправильно произносить
неправильно произносить
pronounce (a word) incorrectly.
she mispronounced my name
I've always had a tendency to trip over words or mispronounce things that I can say perfectly well in my head.
Besides, people mispronounce my name all the time.
And, last but not least, she does not, like most people, mispronounce the word joust.
Many people mispronounce her last name, which is properly pronounced COG-lin.
How powerful do you have to be to mispronounce your own name and not have anyone tell you?
The other day I heard a government minister mispronounce a word.
Words are mispronounced , accents are horribly wrong, and the acting is no more convincing than an elementary school play put on at Christmas by Grade 4 kids.
So don't laugh at someone who mispronounces words until you know a bit more about their origins, not only regional (a point that Mark makes) but also with respect to class and family educational level.
And then we sat down and he told me in no uncertain terms that I'd mispronounced a word, and that if I ever embarrassed him like that again, he'd kill me.
As often as not, the journalist mispronounces the name of the religious group he or she is covering.