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misplaced / класть не на место, ставить не на место
класть не на место
misplace, mislay
ставить не на место
имя прилагательное
incorrectly positioned.
a million dollars had been lost because of a misplaced comma
temporarily lost.
her misplaced keys
put in the wrong place and lose temporarily because of this; mislay.
I'm sure the jewelry has just been misplaced, and not stolen
Can we roll back the tide of misplaced apostrophes and commas?
We all want to join the political and economic A list but if what we give up on the way is the freedom to determine what sets us apart, then perhaps our priorities have been misplaced .
And the film manages to capture the painful glory of first love, misplaced love and the temptations of sex over true affection, with a brave and uplifting ending.
Examples of skewed or misplaced fiscal priorities abound.
As for the second, there are growing signs that the present approach, with its obsession with speed as the cause of road death and injury, is misplaced and excessive.
Last week I wrote about the Administration's misplaced priorities in providing the nation with nuclear security.
Delayed shipments, misplaced orders and lost products were commonplace.
However, the State authorities argue that the apprehensions are misplaced and misguided.
A misplaced pass by Bloom led to Wilson being played into the box and his low shot nestled into the far corner of the net.
This road is obviously too narrow as is the pavement to accommodate this hazardous, ill-conceived and misplaced hazard.