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misogynist / женоненавистник
имя существительное
misogynist, woman-hater
имя существительное
a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
Unfortunately, those pending appeals will not address the barbarous legal code responsible for her plight, nor will they erode the cultural authority of the misogynists who enforce it.
имя прилагательное
relating to or characteristic of a misogynist.
a misogynist attitude
With a style that was influenced by jazz, soul, reggae, and dub, she rapped lyrics and rhymes that addressed the misogynist attitude of her male peers.
The focus on censoring pornography diverts attention from the root cause of discrimination and violence against women, of which violent, misogynist pornography is merely one symptom.
The discussion on talk-back radio and in fan club chat rooms has unfortunately reflected misogynist myths common about rape.
The first section, for example, focuses on the sexist and sometimes misogynist practices that commonly exist within families.
His story is about a love triangle with a brutal, misogynist ending.
She regards the androgyny, same-sex sexuality, or misogynist attitudes of the various male protagonists in these authors' works as transgressions of the two-gender model.
Broadly speaking, those who accept the general principles of the Enlightenment are under attack by those who reject them and who wish to impose their theocratic, feudal and misogynist concepts of order upon us.
For as long as extensions have been added on to houses women have been plagued by misogynist workers, who swagger through their home as if in possession of secret knowledge which can only be shared by the brotherhood.
Our gaze extends towards the militaristic roots of much of today's technologies and, further, to the source of much of the Western world's misogynist tendencies, at the dawn of the early Christian church.
It is not going too far to say that he was a misogynist .