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misnomer / неправильное название, неправильное имя
имя существительное
неправильное название
неправильное имя
имя существительное
a wrong or inaccurate name or designation.
“king crab” is a misnomer—these creatures are not crustaceans at all
The mistake is in a way only a misnomer , but terminological infelicities have a way of breeding conceptual confusion, and so it is here.
Unfortunately, this infamous misnomer was only the first of a series of mistakes made by the first foreigner to set eyes on the place: Hiram Bingham.
It is our observation that their findings were not true cysts (filled with fluid); the term pseudocyst is also a misnomer .
The name amicus curiae is generally acknowledged as something of a misnomer , in that very few amici intend primarily to help the court.
His title Head of Strategy and Communications was a vast misnomer .
I always thought that was a just a cute name… or a misnomer , like Pennsylvania Dutch.
‘Pulse bombs’ was a misnomer , but a favourite name for the EMP charges.
The term ‘student work’ seems a misnomer here, given the clarity and maturity of her production.
to call this ‘neighbourhood policing’ would be a misnomer
I think that Web services may be a big misnomer .