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misname / неверно называть
неверно называть
miscall, misname
give (something) a wrong or inappropriate name.
summer peas—misnamed, because they are beans—thrive in hot weather
If you leave off the year or you misname the statute or you do not put some aspect of the statute in, you are put out of court.
As a result those differences have been misnamed and misused in the service of separation and confusion.
In other instances, songs are intentionally misnamed .
Happy hours are misnamed - many now last for three or four hours, designed to attract fatigued office workers with the prospect of losing themselves in alcohol as rapidly as possible.
That would be a better name, rather than misnaming it the Families Commission Bill.
It seems to be misnamed in paragraph 11 of our submissions.
Like its predecessors, this bill is misnamed as it will not result in the final settlement of claims.
There were only six trials on which participants misnamed the target word.
This was clearly a very misunderstood, very badly misnamed recipe.
A third very common form of intellectual property, trademarks, is misnamed , and I will not discuss it extensively.