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mismatch / не подходить друг другу
не подходить друг другу
имя существительное
a failure to correspond or match; a discrepancy.
a huge mismatch between supply and demand
match (people or things) unsuitably or incorrectly.
funky mismatched chairs and tables
She began by giving the best definition of disability I have ever heard: a mismatch between people and their environment.
It is vital, expensive, and technically complex, and in addition, there is a glaring mismatch between need and ability to pay.
This mismatch between layers of consciousness causes a multitude of misunderstandings between individuals, groups, corporations and governments.
If nothing else, the souring climate is feeding the market's sense of apprehension about the mismatch between valuations and earnings.
On the other hand, there was a distinct mismatch between the scale of the opportunity now presented and the resources available.
The kind of deflation that economists worry about is the kind that is caused by a mismatch between the supply of money and the demand for it.
The mortgage finance system is considered indispensable in addressing the mismatch between demand and supply in the real estate market.
He wrote at length on the mismatch between the speech and the audience.
This is being done despite the full knowledge that there is a large mismatch between the obligations and the value of the underlying assets.
There was a mismatch between theory and understanding, when the accent should have been on continuous learning.