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mislead / вводить в заблуждение, сбивать с толку, сбивать с пути
вводить в заблуждение
mislead, deceive, delude, misguide, misinform, mystify
сбивать с толку
confuse, bewilder, baffle, mislead, perplex, obfuscate
сбивать с пути
cause (someone) to have a wrong idea or impression about someone or something.
the government misled the public about the road's environmental impact
What that tells me is that right now, whatever is being reported could be information to deceive and mislead people.
All this only scratches the surface of the ways schools use statistics to mislead parents and the public.
Public education and the media mislead us into thinking America is a just and fair country.
I used to lie and I still lie really, not to mislead anybody but to entertain people.
They even publicly show false numbers to mislead readers and advertisers.
I'm worried that the strange lyrics paint a wrong picture of what life is and mislead young people.
To the extent that you reduce fear, you reduce the emotional need among your people to mislead you.
One lesson he had learned from arguing against idealism is that the surface grammar of language can mislead us about the meaning of what we say.
So it's really unfortunate when the Vice President plays politics like this and once again demonizes his opponents and misleads the American people.
This requires a political struggle not only against Labour, which openly represents the class enemy, but also against the bureaucratic misleaders of the trade unions who act as the government's fifth column.