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mislay / заложить, терять, класть не на место
establish, mislay
lose, waste, shed, drop, spend, mislay
класть не на место
misplace, mislay
unintentionally put (an object) where it cannot readily be found and so lose it temporarily.
I seem to have mislaid my car keys
And how often do we mislay the keys we use every day?
Because I've managed to mislay the instruction book.
It is by no means uncommon for people to mislay their original policy document.
Somehow, the shop managed to mislay the actual CD and all they can find is the sleeve, though they've assured me the disk is lying around somewhere and I hope to pop in over lunch and take it home with me.
Over 2,000 new green boxes have been distributed in the last four weeks to people who had lost or mislaid them.
Anyway it transpired that she had mislaid her purse.
If, by chance, you are interested in joining one of these groups but have mislaid your form, you can collect one in the Church Porch.
So although Agent Joules is simultaneously ridding the world of terrorists and writing for style magazines, she is also falling in love with the wrong men and mislaying her MI6-issue earrings.
However, the school has now been told the papers were mislaid on their way to the exam board, prompting an outspoken attack from pupils.
Like Hemingway, who also once mislaid a novel, Kay felt bereft and quickly drove back to where he'd left it but it was gone.