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misjudge / недооценивать, неправильно судить
underestimate, undervalue, underrate, misjudge, underprice, disparage
неправильно судить
misjudge, misdeem
form a wrong opinion or conclusion about.
he felt that he had completely misjudged the man
There is an anecdote in the most recent book about the Bush White House which neatly captures how Europeans misjudge the President, and why they are wrong to do so.
He said that drivers that have been ‘driving for decades have a tendency of being overconfident’ on the road, often causing them to misjudge certain conditions and causing serious accidents.
I'd imagine this directly kills dozens of people every year who get the dosage wrong or misjudge the breaking strain of a rope.
At long distances, players often misjudge the speed of the receiver.
The eight-year-old tends to trip often, misjudge space and bangs into things and is not comfortable climbing stairs.
I should perhaps mention, from my own experience, that even an experienced novelist can seriously misjudge the length of a novel.
But still, Taiwan should never discount the possibility that China might misjudge the situation.
We totally misjudged the political forces within the country.
Based entirely on anonymous sources, the article chronicles an unrelieved series of misjudgments , errors and failures.
Instead, she reaches out for David's shoulder but misjudges the distance.