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mishmash / мешанина, путаница, смесь
имя существительное
hash, mishmash, hodgepodge, mash, medley, patchwork
confusion, tangle, mess, mix, jumble, mishmash
mixture, mix, blend, compound, composition, mishmash
имя существительное
a confused mixture.
a mishmash of outmoded ideas
Frankly it's difficult to know where to start, given the mishmash of misunderstanding, gross exaggeration and things that are just plain wrong.
Parents, music lovers and the curious wander in and find a seat amongst a mishmash of antique chairs, an old couch and anything else that remotely resembles a place to rest.
a mishmash of outmoded ideas
The House on the Rock is an architectural mishmash , patched together, built into the rock in places and teetering way out over it in another.
The Republican party, like any party, is a mishmash of different groups with different objectives.
So at this point, it's really become a mixture, a mishmash of issues.
The story of the dream itself was a mishmash of recent events.
My personal favourite sight, however, is the cathedral of St Sauveur, a bit of an architectural mishmash but with a wonderfully lived-in feel.
Revitalised and re-energised, the contest is now a mishmash of arresting questions, hot competitions, and more.
Underlying the idea of the multitude is a mishmash of confused claims.