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mishit / промахиваться
miss, overshoot, mishit, boss, blunder, muff
имя существительное
miss, slip, blunder, bloomer, fault, mishit
имя существительное
an instance of hitting or kicking a ball badly or in the wrong direction.
They have seen he can defend, pick the right ball to hit and that he has so much power there is not a great deal of hope of a mishit being caught on the boundary.
(in various sports) hit or kick (a ball) badly or in the wrong direction.
First your technique gets off and you start mishitting your putts.
After Martin Whelan added another Clonea point from a penalty mishit , things got worse as Michael Power struck his second goal of the game.
The Jags winger mishit his effort, but fortunately for him McLean was on hand to divert the ball into the net from three yards and net his eighth goal in eight games.
Graham Gibson opened the scoring on the stroke of half-time after Paul Ritchie had mishit a cross from Steve Hampshire into his path.
A brilliant inter-passing movement involving Nikki Kleppang, Stott and Cheryl Valentine ended with a mishit by Stott, which deceived Robb and notched the goal that sealed the match.
Shaun Goater's mishit shot took a massive deflection after 23 minutes and it then needed a series of heroic saves from goalkeeper Carlo Nash to keep Joe Royle's men in front.
I mishit the ball and pushed it to the right of the hole.
Damien Maher seemed to have it covered but he mishit it, presenting it straight in to the path of Doyle.
I mishit the tee-shot slightly and came up short in the most horrendous rough.
she mishit the penalty
Honey mishit a shot, but it fell perfectly for substitute Carl Rook, who hammered the ball home from close range.